Ainclu Doux Mignonne Sweet Lady Pink Polyester Lace Sucette Imprimé Lolita Jupes


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Ainclu Brand is a world-famous lolita and novel clothing manufacture.we have our own factory and professional designers. All clothes are designed and produced by ourselves.Ainclu Lolita collections are aimed for beauties who are expecting design and quality in novel world.Size Chart (inch)XS: Weight 77-88 lb. Waist 21.6-25.2. Bust 23.6-32.3S: Weight 84-99 lb. Waist 23.6-27.6. Bust 29.5-33.9M: Weight 88-121 lb. Waist 25.6-29.1. Bust 31.5-38.6L: Weight 99-143 lb. Waist 27.6-30.7. Bust 35.4-41XL: Weight 132-165 lb. Waist 29.5-33.9. Bust 37.4-45.3XXL: Weight 154-198 lb. Waist 30.7-37.4. Bust 39.4-51.2Size Chart (cm)XS: Weight 35-40 kg. Waist 55-64. Bust 60-82S: Weight 38-45 kg. Waist 60-70. Bust 75-86M: Weight 40-55 kg. Waist 65-74. Bust 80-98L: Weight 45-65 kg. Waist 70-78. Bust 90-104XL: Weight 60-75 kg. Waist 75-86. Bust 95-115XXL: Weight 70-90 kg. Waist 78-95. Bust 100-130Kindly Note:We go great lengths to ensure the product images are color accurate. however. colors might display differently on monitors.